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Atlanta Hospice Care– Visiting Nurse Health System


Atlanta Hospice Care provides a wide range of support to meet your medical needs.  Our interdisciplinary team includes physicians, nurses, nurse aides, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, dietitians, social workers, chaplains, community liaisons, administrators, volunteers, and other ancillary staff.

We come together to provide the care you and your family need to achieve your individual goals of care. 

Atlanta Hospice Care’s full continuum of care involves our close partnerships with hospitals, medical practices, long-term care facilities, home care providers, and many other services.


We are able to bring together comprehensive resources to meet your unique needs. We honor autonomy and strive to fulfill your own goals of care.

Our Mission

Wherever you are – your home, nursing home, or an assisted living facility- we bring comfort to your place to wipe away the symptoms and pain of terminal illness.

Our Vision

We wish to continue the hospice care service to the community. We work hard to improve our service to the next level, and we will keep improving. We wish to extend our warm support to more people in the future.

Our Service

Our agile, kind-hearted team will provide a dignified life to the patient in hospice care. The family will feel at ease as the patient is in safe hands.

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What is Hospice Care?

Homecare, health care, curative care, palliative care, and hospice are confusing terms to a non-specialist.

Hospice Atlanta is happier to provide the best Hospice care in Georgia.

Calm. Peace. Support. Smile

We bring calm to your troubled life. Be it a kid, an old-aged person, we provide the best care.

When your loved one in pain is safe, you get peace of mind, and you can concentrate on your other important work.

We provide all kinds of support to a family who has a patient in Hospice Care.

After the patient is gone, we ensure the family gets the necessary emotional support to cross over the challenging phase of life. We work to bring back your old smile, and remember, your departed loved one wants you to be happy again.

When To Choose Hospice Care?

It’s a tough decision to make. When your physician decides curative care is not possible, choose hospice care. We recommend you choose hospice care the earliest rather than waiting for things to go out of hand.


We provide hospice services, which focus on comfort as the goal of care while maintaining dignity. Our staff include the following:


Our registered nurses help in reducing the pain and symptoms of the patient. They intuitively work as per the needs and are trained to handle any emergencies.


Our certified nurse aides help the patient in bathing, food preparation, personal care, and light household work.


Our team finds financial resources and handles your insurance issues. They provide you company and good counseling to overcome the traumatic experience.


We have clerics who take care of spiritual needs. They provide emotional support to the family and the patient in hospice care.


We have trained volunteers to take care of your pets and also to do your essential chores.


Our counselors provide you support and guidance for one year after the patient has gone away. We ensure to bring back your smile and help you lead a routine life.

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Open For The Whole Year

Atlanta Hospice Care Is Available 365 days a year. Our Atlanta Hospice Care never sleeps; it stays awake to hear your call. Our team understands your need, and we are at your service whenever you need us.

Just like every other hospice care, we provide the four levels of care. The difference is we add more love and sincerity to our service.

Hospice Atlanta Offers:


Our team arrives at the patients' homes and provides them care.


Some need ongoing care to alleviate pain and symptoms. Our nurses give constant care for them at the patients' homes.


The patient can come and stay in our hospice residence for some time, which reduces the caregiver's burden.


When the patient's symptoms require intense medical care, they can move to the inpatient facility of Hospice Atlanta

Happy Stories

“… knowing that MeSun allowed me to do all that I could for Mom in her last moments … has been a huge comfort.”

The Lee Family


” Our families were blessed by the knowledge that Mom was being treated and cared for in such a compassionate environment. We were always greeted with a kind smile and warm wishes.”

The Grum Family